Monday, August 15, 2011

The Move (Part 3 of 3)…

Sunday began with a call from Lowes telling us they were going to drop off the missing piece for stacking the washer/dryer and then redelivery of our units. Our landlord informed us we needed to drop off our keys so Jedd and I decided to split up. I dropped off they keys and went to purchase a split queen box spring because we needed to get the bed set up so we could start organizing the stuff that was in the room. We also had someone come over to fix the a/c because after two nights of sleeping in a house that did not drop below 85 degrees we were getting grouchy.

I was super lucky in the fact that the place I purchased the box spring from was right acrossed the street from the Container store. I’d been having some troubles because we had two shoe racks in our closet that are stackable and after putting them up I realized I really needed four but had been to the Container store I originally purchased them from and one a 50 minute drive away looking for the shoe racks and hadn’t found them. I really wanted matching ones but after talking to someone who worked at the NW containers store I figured the two I purchased were the last two because they were discontinued so I got two different ones. Now you’ll need to remember all this because I plan on posting about the shoe rack saga more indebt later and you’ll want to just think back about how I casually mentioned that I’d been to three different Container stores for them.

So anyway I dropped the keys off, purchased a split box spring, several under the bed storage bins and made it home in time for these lovely people to be our first visitors.

Our patient friends who were supposed to stay with us only to return to the country, they’d been in England, to find out they absolutely could not because we had no bed for them (we were using the spare) and no A/C decided after days of us putting them off that they would come and make us/pick us up dinner. This was great because we wanted to see them and because I absolutely did not want to cook dinner or get dressed (I’d been wearing nothing but sweats since Thursday night…not that this is a big departure from how I normally dress at home).

Having them come over was great for many reasons. The first was because it was great to have someone come over and rescue us from leftover microwave pizza and endless conversations about how we absolutely needed to do whatever home task we absolutely needed to do that night. It was also nice to have someone come by and be as enthusiastic about the house as we were before the 9 week stretch of trying to get it move in ready. We enjoyed excellent conversation, excellent homemade guacamole, and some wonderful take out from across the street. Also they brought us wonderful housewarming gifts:

Praline truffles from London are so worth it. I might require them as an entry fee should we decide to have a housewarming.

I went to bed that night happy and content and excited to do my first load of laundry in these:

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  1. Hahaha - love it! We had a great time, great food, great conversation & we didn't even mind your sweats :)