Monday, August 8, 2011

The Move (Part 1 of 3)…

We did it, we are all moved. I’ve decided the best way to cover the move would be a three part post that basically covers Friday, Saturday and Sunday separately. But before I start in on Friday’s post I wanted to post a message to three lovely ladies who I know read this religiously, going forward they will be known as “The Mom’s” it’s basically my mom, Jedd’s mom (Dorinda) and my god mother (Jackie)…

“Ladies, I know you love to shop and buy us things but do not take my posts as a secret message to you to make any purchases. NO shopping, no sending stuff unexpectedly to the house. I thank you for your desire to provide us with everything our hearts desire, I love you/we love you all, but absolutely NO shopping.” I must also follow this up with “and yes that does include the “Just a little something” you’d planned on mailing out this week”.

I have to post this because after my post last week my mother send a bazillion links to aged leather dining room chairs and when I got home Jedd was like “my mom wants to get us dining room chairs as housewarming gifts”. All I thought was uh oh, why didn’t I see that coming. So now on to the move:

Friday I took off of work and hired some men off of craigslist to come help me move because Jedd couldn’t get off of work and I’d become concerned that giving ourselves just Saturday to move and Sunday to clean the whole apartment wasn’t going to be enough time. As you’ll see it was a good idea because with all the hiccups this weekend having that extra day proved to be crucial. I also rented, picked up and parked this bad boy myself:

If you know what a notoriously bad driver I am you would understand what a huge accomplishment this was. I’m not sure if you caught it or not, but I also parallel parked that bad boy myself, right in front of the house, which should provoke all of the loyal readers to do jazz hands while saying “WINNING”. I didn’t think to get those signs from the city that zone off parking temporarily in front of the houses so it could have gone either way. Someone must have been looking out because I got parking in front of both places numerous times throughout the day which made the move better than it could have been.

Of my four craigslist hires, all of which confirmed the day before, one was a no show and one I realized after 1.5 hours wasn’t planning on doing any actual work. He was one of those stands around and observes the other guys type of mover. Or if I asked him to get something and move it, he took one thing at a time and took as long as possible getting it where it needed to go. I think he thought it would spread out the move since he was being paid hourly. Little did he know that’s why I hire more people than I need so after 1.5 hours I paid him $20.00 and sent him on his way.

The last two movers were able to get all the large items from the apartment to the house with only two trips. The only hiccup was this:

Yup that would be our queen box spring sitting on the floor in the hallway and then to its current resting place behind the couch. It absolutely did not and will not fit up the stairs. The movers discussed pulling it up the outside of the house through a window, but we would have had to pull the entire window out and it wasn’t 100% guaranteed that the box spring would fit. So needless to say we’ve got to buy a new split queen box spring (which I did on Sunday). It’s a great thing we bought that sleeper sofa last weekend and our house guest passed on staying with us this trip because we are now sleeping in the spare bedroom until Tuesday.

The other little hiccup that was the breaking point of having house guest was the air conditioner went out. Our first two nights there were rough, no a/c in 100 degree weather does not make for a happy first few nights. The best part of Friday was that when Jedd got home we went and picked up the boys who had never been to the house. It’s funny the things that make a house a home. I’d spent a few hours before Jedd got off sorting things out and waiting for the pickup and it really had not sunk in that the move signified us moving to our home. Fast forward to bringing the jerks (that’s what we like to call the boys when they are bumming around acting all moody) and it really hit me, this is the place, no more house hunting, no more waiting to get new furniture because we don’t know how big the house is going to be, no more landlords and maintenance companies. The dogs were not concerned with the mess at all and settled right in:

So Friday night ended with a lot of stuff in piles around the house waiting to be put away, a semi empty apartment needing our attention, and no A/C or cable, but when I went to sleep that night I was definitely very happy and content.

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