Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I kid you not…

So last night we’re taking the huge grill out of the back of a u-haul truck we got just for the purpose of moving the grill six blocks and a guy comes up and goes:

Guy “Hey you need some help”. (People in our neighborhood are super friendly)

Us (in unison because we are morphing into the same person “No we got it, thanks” (Ok Jedd said thanks, I just said no we got it).

Guy “Are you guys new to the neighborhood, just moving in?”

Jedd “Yup”

Guy “Where are you coming from”

Jedd “Oh a few blocks that’s all”

Me “Down the street”

Guy “Oh, ok, how’s the weed on X Street”

Um, huh what?

Me “I wouldn’t know”

Guy “Oh ok you guys have a nice day”

Um, really? Living in the city always provides good stories if nothing else.

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