Friday, August 26, 2011

Why I can’t have you over & other ramblings…

OMG is it almost September? I cannot even explain to you how alarming that is. This is just one of those random posts so that I can say I blogged because I’m obviously a bad blogger. So 90% of the time if someone can manage to get me on the phone or to respond to their email (it’s me not you. And it’s also not only you, it’s like I’ve entered the witness protection program, calls go unanswered, mail unopened, no responding to emails) they always end up asking me the same question “when is your house warming” or “when are you going to have me over”. If this pictures is any indication:

Never. No just joking, I am making progress that mess has been transformed into this:

Still not quite there but at least I can stop getting dressed for work in outfits I pull together off the floor. Houses, and I’ve taken to calling ours Gwyneth, take a lot of time. The only way I can explain it is it’s a bit like dating. I remember when Jedd & I first started dating it was all consuming. Days could pass and I would finally return calls of people threatening to call the police to file missing person reports. Only then would I call them to say “I’m alive, stop being dramatic…um, but I’ve got to go”.

We have managed to break away and celebrate Jedd’s birthday, finally almost a month late. We met his sister at a lovely restaurant near our house last week. We drank and ate to our hearts content.

I also went to Philly last week for a bloggers conference. I LOVE Philly, but it wasn’t the same without “my boys”. I ended up coming home really early Sunday because I was home sick. We’ll have to plan another trip.

Lastly I have spent a lot of time (ok that should really say I’ve wasted a lot of time) on Pinterest. If you haven’t already become addicted to Pinterest than please let me introduce you. Now before you go clicking away getting yourself an invite I should warn you. An invitation to Pinterest has got to be the equivalent to a friend of yours giving you some free crystal meth. I have never done it, but I’ve heard horror stories. I have lost HOURS on Pinterest. Pinterest is also the reason I can’t commit to a new bedspread for our bedroom or a color scheme for the spare bedroom. It’s also why I’m obsessed with “planting the perfect lawn” or what flowers to put in our flower box. In the spirit of drug pushers all around let me offer you a taste, click this link and it’s will take you to one of my boards: The funny thing is now I realize my new haircut looks similar to the one I pinned. This pin;, is what made me give in to Pinterest.

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