Monday, August 22, 2011

I love surprises…

I only love good surprises. Before I get into the post I thought I should show you Diego’s mistreated face:

He has a hard life. He sleeps, he eats, he walks and oh it’s rough for him. Also note all his dog hair on the couch. This is exactly why I’m getting new furniture. His hair is so lodged into the threads of that couch I can’t get them out.

When I got home a box was waiting for us from Dorinda. I would like to start by saying she is one of the best packers I know. In the box were several smaller packages:

And when all was said and done we ended up with a cool variety of stuff.

I’m so excited to see she sent herself some gardening gloves and tools (ha-ha) for when she comes down to tame our yard. Jedd’s mom also has saved so much from when he was growing up. The picture that says “Air Jedd” is from a 1989 family trip they took to Orlando Studios (I think). I think it will look perfect in the office and it’s really funny that he has almost the exact same hair cut. It’s actually a really accurate pic of him; he still looks pretty much the same. The new lamp shade will work perfectly in our bedroom. I have a lamp that I know it will be perfect for I just have to figure out how to change a few broken pieces where the light bulb switch is. Maybe this will inspire me. Unexpected mail/gifts are the best.

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