Thursday, August 4, 2011

Roughin’ it…

So I go through these phases where I get on these weird food kicks. I think because we’ve been eating so poorly I have developed a strange, intense hatred of potatoes. I’m also a bit melodramatic and since I consume beef with most of my potatoes I’ve also determined that the sight of beef would make me sick. It’s been really rough for Jedd dealing with my potato/beef allergy (I’m calling it an allergy because when you tell people you’re allergic to foods their sympathetic rather than thinking your strange or picky). The night I decided on the new “we can’t eat potatoes or beef” I fixed him this:

Fresh fish and corn from Harris Teeter along with a tomato, mozzarella and basil salad.

The next morning I thought why don’t people make breakfast tacos. I always hear about the breakfast burrito, but never breakfast tacos. The corn tortilla killed it. I used pork sausage, because pork does not make me think of potatoes.

I think lunch was good enough that he didn’t even think about the fact I seemed to be on a seafood kick. It’s my version of a shrimp po’boy. I grilled the shrimp, tossed in tartar sauce, and for creaminess added avocado. Yum.

Dinner that night had Jedd questioning my new love of all things seafood but in a good way. I explained to him since we’re now poor (cause we bought a house) we have to eat “what’s on sale” and this week mussels were on sale.

Jedd thought being poor might work out for him.


  1. Y-U-M!!! Wow all of that food looks so delicious. Guess we will have to come back soon for another dinner :)

  2. Yes, next time I will cook for you guys.