Friday, August 12, 2011

Happy Hour: The Ricky (DC’s official cocktail)…

So DC finally (finally?) got an official cocktail this past July. Let me say two things about this 1. Lawmakers have nothing better to do and 2. I prefer sweet drinks. Jedd tells me at dinner in the beginning of July about the news along with some facts about how most Cities/States do not have an official cocktail. I don’t know if I’m supposed to think DC is either really cutting edge or if I’m supposed to be worried it’s a district full of lushes. Who am I to judge I do have Friday Happy Hour at my house, so I thought this might be the answer to the finding my own go to cocktail (cause remember that was the whole point of all this). I mean think about how convenient that would be. I would never have to explain to local bartenders what was in a Ricky because anyone worth their salt would know the “local” cocktail, right?

So in July we pick it as Jedd’s first contribution to Happy Hour. When we get home I get in the bath and request he bring my Ricky to me (yes I do drink in the tub). Knock, knock “um we don’t have the exact ingredients” I’m told. What we do have are lemons not limes, and seltzer not soda water. I’m in the tub so I deem that it’s good enough…

Um, yeah. This won’t do. It’s just lacking something. It taste, well it taste weak I say. After a few more sips we determine you must really need the lime and the soda water.

So fast-forward two weeks and I actually find myself at the grocery store on a Friday night and decide to get the ingredients needed for the “Official Ricky”.

Well, that was not really all that different. DC I’m ashamed. The drink to me, well I described it to Jedd as “tasting like dirty water”. He thought that was a bit harsh. Maybe you should decide, here’s a link to the recipe we used.

Happy Friday!

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