Thursday, August 4, 2011

Pottery Barn how could you…

As you may have noticed I am the type of person who becomes completely consumed by things. By consumed I mean obsessed. When I become enamoured by something it’s all I think about. Since getting the dining room table I have become fixated upon what type of chairs we need to get for it and on a recent outing to Pottery Barn to look at something else I’d decided I just had to have I unexpectedly found them.

All the chairs Jedd and I had seen didn’t seem quite right. I’d determined that what would be appropriate for the dining room chair would be aged leather. I’d had a long discussion in the car with Jedd about how though I hadn’t seen it I knew it had to exists, the aged leather dining room chair. I’d even talked to him about if it was possible for us to buy a new chair and age it ourselves “I don’t know with like a blow dryer or something”. I’m sure he found this conversation riveting.

So Saturday after dragging a friend who was in town through several states to find a Pottery Barn with “the perfect end tables” as we were leaving I saw the chairs and was totally unprepared because I left without writing down the name, thinking they’ll be easy to look up online. I love furniture names by the way, I’m going to stop referring to the dining room table as the dining room table in posts by the way I’m going to refer to it as Phoenix. So today I go to look it up online and can’t find it. Hum, how could this be, so I do what all sane people do and I call the store and go into great detail regarding when I saw the chair, where it was in the store, etc. Pottery Barn employees are now familiar with me because I call them often and go “hey in the new catalog such and such came out on page such and such and I want to know do you have it in the store cause I want to come see it in person”. So I call and my new P.B.B.F.F. (Pottery Barn Best Friend Forever) goes “oh I know EXACTLY what chairs you’re talking about, you can’t find them online because Pottery Barn has discontinued them. Furthermore we only have two, we used to have six but someone came in and bought four today”.

Oh this is bad. Now every chair will be compared to the one that got away. I wonder can you call Pottery Barn headquarters and get them to start selling a discontinued item again?

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