Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Move (Part 2 of 3)…

So Saturday ended up to be the hardest of the three days in my opinion. I think one reason was because on Thursday night I fell when coming down the back stairs of the old apartment and I don’t know if it was all the moving/lifting from Friday but when I woke up Saturday morning my ankle had swollen a bit and my back was killing me. The mission of the day was to clean up the old apartment which was made harder by the fact that there were random little things in every room waiting to be packed. That and I really had no desire to do any more cleaning/packing after Friday. Lucky for us my Mom came down and gave us a helping hand. That being said it still took four people four hours. Fast forward to Monday and the property manger sent an email telling me I forgot to clean the oven (ugh, will this ever end).

Saturday was also made complicated by what we thought was a tight schedule, we had a delivery from Lowes scheduled to occur between 1 and 3 pm. We had another appointment to get cable and internet with Comcast between 2 and 5 pm. When I woke up Saturday morning (at 6 am) I just knew the day would go smoothly because I had confirmed with everyone. Around 12:30 Mom heads back to the house to wait for Lowes and I swear they must have waited for it because at 12:45 who calls to tell me that the delivery schedule is pushed back because they are behind. New delivery time is 5 -7, which is super annoying because we were supposed to meet our friends for dinner who were supposed to stay with us but didn’t. I end up calling them to reschedule for the 2nd time (I’d also rescheduled on Friday). I’m like ok, no biggie; at least I should have some cable to watch while I wait.

Once home I realized that there is a big old plus to moving, a memo must go out to your loved ones saying “we need food” because mom had prepared a huge amount of pulled pork, which covered us for lunch which I didn’t think about until I got home at 2 pm starving.

Clearly she made enough pulled pork for the week. The pic you see is after we had three large sandwiches of pork. We haven’t even made a dent in it. If I was smarter and more organized I would have frozen half of it. As it is we’re going to have to eat a lot of pulled pork this week so it doesn’t go bad. Not that it’s a hardship.

We also got a special delivery from Jackie, which was the best surprise house warming gift that came just at the right time. We had been sitting in the house and I’d run out to let out a friends dog I watch sometimes and when I came back, hot and tired this cool little treat was waiting for me:

It’s one of those edible arrangements, which was a first for us. It came with perfectly chilled ripe fruit in a cute little house vase. Jedd and I tore into that thing like the greedy people we are. I’m torn between which was the best part, the pineapple or the little chocolate balls you see. What those ended up being were bites of banana dripped in white chocolate and milk chocolate. I don’t know who invented that combo but it was superb and I don’t even like bananas. I actually had pulled a similar recipe recently to make for Jedd, but since I don’t like banana I never got around to it. Now that I realize bananas dipped in chocolate are a whole different ballgame I think I’m going to do it (because I’m not selfish at all).

So something around 4:15 said “call Comcast” I make the call only to find out they are running behind schedule and do not expect to be out until 6:30 pm. I’m a bit annoyed but what can we do. At 6 pm Lowes finally shows up. They come in and tell me they cannot install the new washer and dryer because we are missing a stacking kit, which is hilarious since the people at Lowes who sold us the washer and dryer specifically told us what we needed to have on site to ensure the washer and dryer would be hooked up without incident. After calling and speaking to a manager at Lowes it was determined that they would bring us a stacking kit (free of charge thank you) the next day and redeliver the washer and dryer at that point. This made the most sense because there are liability issues. Let’s say the washer and dryer sat at the house for 24 hours and when you have it installed it doesn’t work. Well there is no way for anyone to know whether it did not work when they delivered it or did something happen within that 24 hour period. I hate game playing, so after 5 hours of waiting for Lowes we were faced with another 2 hour wait the following day.

Then 7:30 pm rolls around and still no Comcast. Finally right when I’m on hold, but giving up on having any cable the installation person shows up. I cannot tell you what a difference cable makes. As I was sitting on the couch enjoying the TV I thought to myself “now if only we had a/c”, haha. One thing at a time I suppose.

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